10 Jan 2023

  • Optimized various rendering and post-processing settings for UE 5.1.

  • Enabled Shader Model 6 (SM6) for Nanite.

  • Fixed miscoloring on tree LOD’s.

  • Set Forward Shading Priority for the sunlight in order to fix the “Multiple directional lights…” warning. 

  • Enabled Lumen high-quality reflections.


12 Apr 2022

  • UE5 integration.

  • Various changes in the UI and button styles.

  • Added social icons to the Notification Widget

  • Fixed 3D Widget borders.

  • Fixed stream video link.


23 Apr 2021

  • Improvements on the framework. (e.g., Menus are handled by the Player Controller.)

  • Look at Target on POI’s are now optional. The POI Focus Direction can now be set with the Spring Arm Gizmo.

  • Added new Pawn Type for viewing 360 panoramas.

  • Unit informations are now stored inside a Data Table. This allows larger projects to be managed more efficiently. Also, with the use of a third party CSV/Data Table plugin, clients can change the unit informations whenever they want. (Save Game is deprecated because Data Tables can’t be overridden without the use of a plugin.)

  • The font type of each POI can now be changed individually.

  • Impulse animation when selecting a POI.

  • Pitch Rotation of World Space 3D Widgets can be locked.

  • Various improvements and fixes on existing Blueprints.


05 Nov 2020

  • Complete overhaul of the touch controls. The old system had issues with some Microsoft and Dell devices.

  • Implemented a workaround to the “double tap bug” with touch screens.

  • Explorer Pawn has been changed into a Default Pawn. It now inherits the Movement Component and allows for (landscape) collision.

  • Various Blueprint and UI improvements.


26 May 2020

  • The availability status can now be changed directly from the Info Menu.

  • Added new button to the Info Menu, which can be used to load a different level – e.g. interior scene.

  • Added a Preview Camera to the POI. It is now easier to adjust the camera direction.

  • Added options to disable yaw, pitch and distance transitions of POI’s.

  • POI geometry can now be replaced with a custom mesh.

  • Made improvements on lighting and post processing.


10 Mar 2020

  • Added Section View Mode for hiding specific parts of the design.

  • It is now possible to change and save the availability of a unit during play.

  • POI’s are now referenced inside the game instance, which results in increased flexibility and performance gain.

  • Added Nighttime Lighting: Special materials for surrounding buildings and traffic. New Road, Light Pole and Skyglow Blueprints.

  • Added Popup Menu with Exit Button, which can be accessed from the company logo.

  • Fixed the rotation issue which appeared while in Idle Mode. UI actions will now reset the idle timer.

  • Improved touch controls for touchscreen and mobile devices.


23 Dec 2020

  • Added the new physically-based Atmospheric Sky Model with Sun Positioner. Time of day can now be changed in editor and during play. Note that the HDR sky is now deprecated.

  • Added Idle Camera that will start to move after a specified time of user inactivity.

  • Added the option to display widgets in world space. (Ideal for naming streets and neighborhoods.)
  • Added pan movement to the Explorer Pawn.


08 Nov 2019

  • Added a new Blueprint (BP_Route) for visualizing transportation routes.


16 Oct 2019

  • Added Media Gallery Button to the Info Menu. Each POI actor can now be equipped with a unique Media Gallery that can contain images, floor plans and videos (local or stream).


29 Sep 2019

  • Added Touch Input and Pinch Gesture for smartphones and touch screens.
  • Added Force Feedback (vibration) when selecting a POI Actor.
  • Added Float Curves to evaluate Zoom Intensity and Zoom Interpolation Speed over distance.
  • Adjusted intensities for lens flares, light shafts and bloom.